Burlington Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Patio Shades

Everyone loves the idea of spending time outdoors, enjoying their backyard, patio or deck. Sometimes the reality is a little bit different, though. If you have an outdoor area that is too sunny to enjoy, retractable awnings or patio shades can make all the difference.

We have retractable awnings that can provide shade, as well as interior or exterior solar screens that can dramatically reduce the temperature in the area they shade. So if you need any kind of retractable awnings in Burlington, WA — motorized or manual — contact us for a quote! We offer our services to both homeowners and business owners in Burlington and our other service areas.

Burlington WA Retractable Awnings

What can a retractable awning do for your home or business? It can make your outside areas more pleasant to spend time in, whether you’re a homeowner who wants to get more enjoyment out of the deck or patio, or a restaurant owner who wishes to add shaded outdoor seating in the summer months.

Mounted on your building by our expert installers, our retractable awnings are durable and easy to use — and all the more so if you choose motorized awnings for your Burlington home or business. But even if you choose a manual retractable awning, you’ll still enjoy the great ease of use as well as comfort.

Besides making a hot, unpleasant outdoor area a much more pleasant place to spend time, another way that retractable awnings are well worth the money is the energy savings they can offer. An awning next to a window can help keep that room cooler and even help prevent UV degradation of your upholstery, draperies and other textiles.

Shading Solutions for Outdoor Living

Besides our retractable awnings, we also install patio shades and pergolas in Burlington that give your outdoor living spaces a more pleasant ambiance even in the harsh glare of the summer sun.

Looking for patio shades that can block the sun and wind, or solar screens for your sunroom? Sunrise Shading offers both interior and exterior solar shades, so you can reduce the harsh effects of the sun wherever you need to do so and still have a view. Our solar screens come in different varieties and sizes to fit windows with different dimensions and styles.

Pergolas are one of the hottest trends in shading solutions right now for both homes and businesses because they are so versatile. Our Pergola systems are ideal for larger residential applications and businesses such as restaurants with al fresco dining! They include built-in retractable walls, so you can decide exactly how much sun or shade you need. Enjoy hanging out poolside or entertaining on your patio longer with the cool protection of a Pergola!

Cleaning and Care of Retractable Awnings

Every Sunrise Shading retractable awning is made from durable materials that are made to last for years. But to get the maximum life out of your awnings, there are some steps you can take to care for them:

  • Gently knock off loose dirt
  • Hose the awning down
  • Mix a mild detergent such as Woolite or Dawn dish soap with water, and use this along with a soft-bristled brush to gently clean the awning
  • Rinse again with the hose

Can you use your retractable awning in all seasons? Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to retract your awning whenever it’s not in use, and that’s especially true during a storm or snowstorm. But there is no need to take the awning down altogether — just retract it.

With over 40 years of experience providing shading solutions, Sunrise Shading can easily provide the best type of shading products for all your needs. With our motorized retractable awnings, you can control your awning’s operation easily using a remote control, or we can install systems with wind, sun and motion sensors.

Reclaim your home’s outside areas and discover all new ways to enjoy your backyard, deck or patio. Contact Sunrise Shading today to learn about the shading solutions we offer and to get a quote!