University Place Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Patio Shades

A backyard barbecue or pool party sounds great — until you end up with all the guests indoors because there’s no shade in the backyard! Sunrise Shading has the perfect sun control solution that can help you get more use and enjoyment out of your home’s outdoor areas.

We install retractable awnings in University Place and its surrounding neighborhoods, as well as patio shades, pergolas and more. We are happy to serve both commercial and residential customers in the University Place area.

Retractable Awnings in University Place

Retractable awnings are a very versatile way to add to the ambiance of your home’s more casual spaces. Not only can you choose from manual or motorized retractable awnings, but we offer dozens of awning fabrics in a wide range of patterns and colors to help you find the best match for your home’s color and style.

A retractable awning is a must-have in the summer when the blazing sun makes you want to spend less time on your patio or a summer rain shower ruins your plans for a barbecue. Our retractable awnings are easy to retract when they are not in use, securely mounted on your building, and they are easy to care for, clean and maintain.

And even if you choose a motorized awning, you’ll still have the ability to operate it manually in case of a power outage. We can even add sensors to your awning and connect it to a system that automatically reacts to changing weather conditions.

It’s easy to care for your retractable awning in a way that helps it to last for years. Simply brush off dirt and leaves every so often or use a hose for a quick cleaning. If a deeper cleaning is needed, mix water with a gentle detergent such as Dawn dish liquid or Woolite detergent and use a brush to work it into the awning fabric. Once it penetrates, use a hose to spray the cleaning solution and dirt off of your awning.

There’s no need to take your awning down and store it during the winter months as long as you keep it retracted when not in use or when extreme weather is in the forecast.

Other Outdoor Living Solutions

Some of the other shading solutions we offer commercial and residential customers in University Place include outdoor patio shades and Pergola systems. Outdoor patio shades and solar screens help to keep bright sunlight out and help to keep the area cooler while preserving your view!

And Pergola systems, which can be freestanding or attached to your building, are ideal solutions when you need more shade by the pool or a more comfortable outdoor dining area that can also add more seating to your restaurant.

The retractable awnings, patio awnings, solar screens and other products we offer are designed to help you enjoy a cooler and more comfortable ambiance in your home or business’s outdoor spaces. Mounted over a window or door, a retractable awning can also help you keep your energy bills down and help prevent the UV degradation that can permanently damage your curtains, upholstery and other textiles.

A little sun is a wonderful thing — something we look forward to during long winter days. But when the sunlight is harsh, hot and not exactly a pleasure to spend time in, Sunrise Shading can help! Let us help you get more out of your University Place home’s outdoor area with retractable awnings and other shading systems.

With more than 40 years of experience in the awning industry, our team of professionals can help you choose the perfect retractable awning, patio shades or other custom shading products for your home. Contact us today for a quote on retractable awnings in University Place and the surrounding areas!