Cle Elum Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Patio Shades

Over more than 40 years of providing retractable awnings, patio shades, and other shading solutions, the team at Sunrise Shading has become adept at helping our customers make the most of their outside areas. We serve both homeowners and business owners in Cle Elum, WA, and surrounding areas.

Retractable Awnings in Cle Elum

Our retractable awnings come in so many styles, sizes and fabric choices, it’s easy for us to create a custom shading solution for your home. We represent some of the industry’s leading manufacturers of retractable awnings, and we can install durable patio awnings, deck awnings, or window awnings in Cle Elum that let you get more use out of your home’s outside areas.

You can choose either motorized awnings or manual retractable awnings, and the motorized variety can also be used manually in the event that you lose power and need to retract your awnings in bad weather.

Although the biggest reason for choosing a retractable awning is usually for the shade it provides, protecting your family and guests from the sun’s harsh glare and heat, there are many other benefits to having an awning installed:

  • Retractable awnings mounted on your house help you save money on your energy bills by keeping the interior of your home cooler.
  • A retractable awning over a window helps protect the textiles in that room from UV degradation.
  • Retractable awnings give you more useful space for entertaining, dining, relaxing — it’s almost like adding more rooms to your home!
  • Awnings are about more than just sun control: A retractable awning can allow you to grill out and enjoy being outdoors even when light rain is in the forecast! For that reason, our customers love their retractable awnings in the cooler, wetter months as much as they do in the heat of summer.

Awnings are easy to maintain and do not need to be taken down during the winter months, although you should make sure they are retracted when there is heavy snow in the forecast.

It’s also easy to clean our retractable awnings. Simply brush the excess dirt, dust and leaves off, then hose the awning down. Next, make a cleaning solution of water and a gentle detergent such as Woolite or Dawn dish soap, and gently brush that into the awning fabric. Let the mixture soak in and then hose it off again. With proper care, use and cleaning, your Sunrise Shading retractable awning will serve your Cle Elum home for many years!

Commercial Retractable Awnings and Shading Solutions in Cle Elum

We are pleased to serve Cle Elum businesses as well as residential customers. Need to expand your restaurant’s dining area? Your customers can dine in comfort and style with our awnings and screens for restaurants.

Pergola systems are also becoming a popular feature of restaurants that offer outdoor dining, because they are not only sophisticated in design but also offer different ways to protect your customers from the elements, such as with built-in retractable walls that also keep the wind out as well as the sun. They are available with louvered blades or a durable, laminated awning fabric. We can help you choose the style that best fits your restaurant’s needs, style and budget.

Anywhere your business needs sun control or protection from light rain, an awning, Pergola system or patio screen is a welcome addition that helps you serve more customers and keep them coming back for more.

Patio Shades, Solar Screens and More

In addition to patio awnings and retractable awnings for just about any need, we also offer a variety of other shading solutions that can give you and your family an instant lifestyle upgrade.

For instance, we can install patio screens in Cle Elum that help shield your patio from the sun, wind, and insects, effectively creating a sunroom. We also sell solar screens for both interior and exterior use — these screens help insulate rooms of your home, keeping them as much as 25 degrees cooler in the summer but also warmer in winter.

Love to spend time by the pool, but you don’t love spending hours in the hot sun soaking up dangerous UV rays? Ask us about our Pergola shading solutions and other ways we can improve your outdoor living!

With more than 40 years in the awning industry and thousands of satisfied customers, Sunrise Shading handles every aspect of installing, maintaining, repairing and upgrading a variety of shading systems. From manual awnings to electronic SMART home controls that you can access from anywhere, we do it all!

Contact us today for a quote on our Cle Elum retractable awnings, patio shades, or any of our other products that add comfort and a more pleasant ambiance to your home’s or business’s outdoor areas.