Sunroom Tension Shading Systems

The sunroom atrium is the best room in the house when you have the comfort of a Sunrise Shading retractable fabric cover system. Mounted on the exterior of the glass roof or ceiling, it will regulate the thermal effect of the sun and eliminate the “greenhouse effect” hot air by convection thanks to the cover’s perforated see-through texture. Sunlight is allowed into the room, but only at a rate of 3-5%. Reduce temperatures up to 25 degrees as well as the fading to your furnishing, carpets, and drapes.

With motorized operation, this Sunrise Shading top quality system is guaranteed for five years. Beat the heat. Say goodbye to a hothouse and get dramatic new use of your wonderful sunroom.

Sunrise Shading Sunroom SystemsSunrise Shading Sunroom Systems

Sunrise Shading Sunroom Systems