Kailua-Kona Retractable Awnings & Outdoor Patio Shades

Hawaii’s Big Island is known for its sun, surf, and sand. But while these are the selling points of our state’s tourist industry, a little sunlight can sometimes go a long way! When you need to create outdoor living spaces with a cooler, more comfortable ambiance, call Sunrise Shading in Kailua-Kona, HI. We can install beautiful retractable awnings and other shading solutions that resist damage from the sun and salt so they last for years.

Retractable Awnings in Kailua-Kona

The right retractable awning can completely transform the way you enjoy your home’s outdoor spaces. If you have a patio or deck that is too hot to spend time on during hot summer days, then that’s a part of your home that you’re not able to fully enjoy! But when you add a retractable awning or one of our other shading solutions, that hot area becomes a cooler, more comfortable place where you can entertain guests or just hang out with the family.

Retractable awnings come with several benefits for Kailua-Kona homeowners. An awning mounted over a window can help you use less electricity to cool your home because it keeps the room much cooler by blocking the hot rays of the sun. Also, an awning can help prevent UV degradation that can damage your drapes, carpet, upholstery and any other textiles that would otherwise be exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods of time. And beautiful awnings can help add value to a home because they increase the amount of space that can be comfortably used.

With a huge variety of awning fabrics to choose from, made by the biggest names in the awning industry, you have plenty of beautiful ways to complement your home. And our retractable awnings are as durable as they are attractive: Our awning fabrics resist damage from UV rays, wind and Kailua-Kona’s salty sea air. These fabrics will not fade or rot — you can even retract them while they are wet. Combine that with our maintenance-free hardware and you have a shading product that is built to give you and your family years of good looks and cool comfort.

Retractable awnings can be used in any season, as long as you retract your awning when not in use or during inclement weather. There is no need to take your awning down for storage in the off-season — simply retract it. However, if you would like to clean your awning, this is easy to do. Simply brush off the loose dirt and debris, then hose the awning fabric down. Next, make a solution of a gentle detergent and water — Dawn dish liquid works well, as does Woolite laundry detergent. Work this cleaning solution into the awning fabric with a brush, and then hose it off with water.

Sunrise Shading can install both manual and motorized awnings in Kailua-Kona, and the motorized versions can still be operated manually if you lose electricity. We’re known for our retractable awnings that are easy to use, beautiful, and create the desired effect of cooler, more comfortable outdoor spaces with a welcoming ambiance.

Custom Shading Solutions for Homes and Businesses in Kailua-Kona HI

In addition to our many retractable awning products, we also offer patio shades / solar screens that can block the sun’s unwanted glare while preserving your beautiful view. And if you need a more comfortable solution for relaxing by the pool, we can help with that, too — our Pergola systems can function as either free-standing structures or can be attached to your home. They can have louvered blades or awning fabric as a cover, and retractable side walls are also an option.

Many restaurants use awnings, canopies or even Pergola systems to add extra seating that also helps protect customers from sun, sprinkles, and seagulls! Whether you need more shade for your home or your business, contact Sunrise Shading and we will help you find the right solution.

When you choose us for your retractable awnings or other shading needs, you’ll get the benefit of decades of industry experience as well as the latest trends in retractable awnings. We represent top awning brands including Eclipse and SunSetter, and we can add features to your awning system such as automatic controls and sensors that allow your awning to detect and automatically react to weather changes. From stunning fabrics to SMART home solutions, we offer many ways to get more enjoyment out of your home’s outdoor areas. You might not want to come back inside!

We work with both homeowners and business owners in Kailua-Kona, and we’re highly skilled at creating the right shading solution for any space. So whether you need a restaurant canopy or a patio awning, contact us today for a quote on our Kailua-Kona retractable awnings and other products.