About Us

At Sunrise Shading our mission is to help residential home and business owners find new, attractive, innovative, and effective solutions to sun control problems. “As the sun rises each morning, so we awake each new day to serve you with the best.”

The owners of Sunrise Shading have over forty years of hands-on experience in the industry, working with thousands of satisfied customers. We pride ourselves on being intimately involved with products and services at every level. Our areas of expertise include design, sales, manufacturing, assembling, installing, repairing, and upgrades as well as motorization and electronic SMART home controls that can be fully integrated into your computer network.

We work with virtually every major brand of retractable products on the American market and a few European as well. If you have questions regarding a product, we can provide the answers!

Sunrise Shading About Us

We strive to be the most excellent in the industry by:

  • Providing you with the top quality retractable awnings, solar screens, and other shading systems
  • Reducing glare, unwanted heat, and UV degradation
  • Offering smart, state-of-the-art electronic systems that provide convenience and efficiency
  • Giving/providing you with the best possible care and service

Sunrise Shading is first and foremost focused on providing the right solutions for its customers. We sell a variety of products designed to satisfy almost any of your wants and needs. We want what is best for our customers. If you aren’t happy with the product or service, then we aren’t either! Together with you, we will strive to find the best shading solution for your unique situation!

Association memberships

We are proud members of the Western Canvas Products Association. We participate frequently in the expos and workshops sponsored and hosted by the Industrial Fabrics Association International and the Professional Awning Manufactures Association. We work hard at being constantly aware of new developments in the industry and pride ourselves to be at the cutting edge with new technology, products, and services to meet the ever-evolving needs and lifestyles of our customers.